Q&A with 2017 CGGI graduate Maeve Cummins

November 15, 2021

As a member of the Congaree Global Golf Initiative inaugural class in 2017, Maeve Cummins has provided an incredible example of the impact that Congaree Foundation can have on students around the world. Now a senior at CARSON NEWMAN UNIVERSITY in Tennessee, Cummins has had a stellar collegiate career from the start. In her first season, she was named First Team All-South Atlantic Conference and was the program’s first SAC Freshman of the Year. The following two seasons Cummins started in every tournament and marked the best career scoring average in school history.

The Northern Irish golfer returned to Congaree earlier this month and shared the impact that Congaree has had on her life.

Q: How did you first learn about CGGI

A: I found out when a big package arrived at my home. My mom said, “This really weird letter arrived for you. You’re not going. This isn’t real.” Then we called Bruce and he explained what the CGGI experience was all about. I still couldn’t believe it.

Q: What did it mean to you and your family to receive an invitation?

A: I had never been to the U.S., so that was cool. The thought of college had always been on my mind, but to have so much help with the process was amazing.

Q: Talk about your CGGI experience and what has stuck with you the most.

A: It’s a big week, so we didn’t have much downtime. But one thing that stuck with me was how everyone at Congaree wanted to do everything for us. Even though we were strangers, the kindness everyone showed us was the most memorable thing for me.

Q: Talk about your experience as a college athlete?

A: It feels like a job sometimes, but my team feels like another family. I’m going to Thanksgiving with one of my teammates this year. We keep in touch with the girls who graduate, too. This experience has allowed me to visit places I never could have otherwise: Indiana, the Carolinas, Florida, Mexico, Tennessee and Georgia.

Q: How did CGGI help prepare you for success at the collegiate level?

A: The academic and recruitment counselors were key in my understanding of the U.S. system. There is just so much to learn.

Q: What are your goals for your final season of college golf?

A: Our school has never made regionals, so I have my eye on that. I’m also in the running to become an All-American golfer. I was close freshman year, but I’m in the ranking requirement now, standing at 17 of the top 25.

Q: What are your goals after graduation?

A: I am on track to graduate a semester early in December. I want to continue at Carson-Newman for my MBA and then live in Knoxville afterwards. I would like to work in sports there in the future.

Q: What advice do you have for any young golfers who go through CGGI in the future?

A: Ask any and all questions that come to you. Everyone here is really helpful and knowledgeable, so there are no stupid questions. Also, wear sunscreen!


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